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College of Civil Engineering was formerly known as the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering set up in 1958. In August 1998, College of Civil and Architectural Engineering was set up in Fuzhou University. It was divided into College of Civil Engineering and College of Architecture in May 2006.

With 65 years of construction, especially in recent 10 years, various undertakings of the College have been developed rapidly. There are eight departments in the College, including Department of Building Engineering, Department of Road and Bridge Engineering, Department of Water Conservancy, Hydropower and Port Engineering, Department of Municipal Engineering, Department of Transportation Engineering, Department of Engineering Management, Department of Track and Underground Engineering, and Department of Intelligent Construction. It offers eight undergraduate disciplines, including civil engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, traffic engineering, traffic and transportation, water supply and drainage engineering, engineering management, port, waterway and coastal engineering, and intelligent construction. It is worth noting that its civil engineering program is a national-level specialty program, a pilot program for training the first outstanding engineers for the Ministry of Education of the PRC, and a specialty program of service industry in key undergraduate universities in Fujian Province.

The College has a first-level discipline doctoral program and a post-doctoral program in civil engineering, and eight second-level discipline doctoral programs including that in structural engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, geotechnical engineering, municipal engineering, HVAC engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protective engineering, etc. It has two first-level discipline master's programs in civil engineering and water resources engineering, and 13 second-level discipline master's programs in engineering mechanics, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, municipal engineering, HVAC engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protective engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, hydrology and water resources, hydraulic structure engineering, port, coastal and offshore engineering, water engineering safety and water disaster prevention, traffic safety and disaster prevention engineering, road and traffic engineering and disaster prevention, and 3 master's professional degree authorization programs in architecture and civil engineering, water resources engineering, and engineering management.

The College has a faculty with superior competency, reasonable age composition and high academic level. Its 205 faculty members include 163 full-time teaching and research personnel composed of 40 professors (research fellows), 76 associate professors (research associates, senior engineers, etc.) and 47 lecturers (research assistants). In its teaching and research personnel, 81% are teachers with doctoral degrees, and 56% are teachers with overseas experience. The teaching force contains 5 national talents; 1 teacher included in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education; 5 experts enjoying special allowance of the State Council; 1 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Talent of Fujian Province; 1 Outstanding Talent of Fujian Province; 2 talents included in the "Hundred-Talent Program" for talent introduction of Fujian Province; 2 High-level Talents of Fujian Province; 5 candidate specially supported talents under the "Double Hundred Program" of Fujian Province, including 2 leading talents in sci-tech innovation in Fujian Province and 3 leading talents under the "Millions of Talents Program" of Fujian Province; 3 "Minjiang Scholars" distinguished professors and 2 "Minjiang Scholars" part-time professors; 9 classes "ABC" talents under the High-level Talent Introduction of Fujian Province; 5 fresh graduates introduced by the Organization Department of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China; 12 teachers included in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents of Institutions of Higher Learning in Fujian Province; 5 candidates for the Program for Cultivating Outstanding Young Scientific Research Talents of Institutions of Higher Learning in Fujian Province; and 6 Qishan Scholars. The College employs 28 part-time professors and 7 part-time associate professors.

There are more than 2,000 ordinary first-tier university students and 1,114 full-time doctoral and master's degree candidates in the College. Every year, it will recruit about 500 full-time first-tier university students, about 350 full-time master's degree candidates, about 18 doctoral candidates and over 50 candidates for Master of Engineering. The College has, since its foundation, cultivated more than 15,000 students for China and Fujian Province, including full-time students with doctoral, master's or bachelor's degree, or students with junior college education or education at other levels. The scientific research institutions of the College include: Institute of Structural Engineering, Institute of Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, Collaborative Innovation Center for Sustainable Engineering Structures and Multi-Disasters Prevention and Mitigation in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, Sustainable and Innovative Bridge Engineering Research Center of Universities in Fujian Province, National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Informatization in Civil Engineering, and Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Center. The College has the national key (cultivated) discipline of "Structural Engineering", the "Project 211" national key discipline construction project of "New Civil Engineering Technologies and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation", the preponderant discipline innovation platform in Fujian Province for "Sustainable Engineering Structure and Earthquake Prevention and Mitigation", the specialty and key discipline in Fujian Province of "Civil Engineering", and provincial key disciplines of Fujian Province of "Civil Engineering" and "Water Resources Engineering". It also has a key laboratory of universities and colleges in Fujian Province for engineering structure, a key laboratory in Fujian Province for multi-disasters prevention in civil engineering, and the national experimental teaching demonstration center for civil engineering.

The College has been making vigorous efforts in cooperating and exchanging with the outside world, and has carried out joint school-running projects with California Institute of Technology (USA), University of Manitoba (Canada), Roma Tre University (Italy), Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy), Taiwan Central University (China), National Taiwan Ocean University (China) and Suranaree University of Technology (Thailand). In 2016, the College was successfully selected into the "Promotion Plan of 'NICE' (Network of International Centers of Education in China)" in the first batch. In 2018, the civil engineering discipline of the College was selected for "Double First-class" peak discipline construction in Fujian Province. In 2019, it was approved to establish the University Engineering Research Center for "Advanced Civil Engineering Materials" in Fujian Province. In 2020, it was approved to establish the "Water Resources Intelligent Monitoring and Flood Early Warning Engineering Research Center of Fujian Province"; and it set up the "intelligent construction" program.

In the new historical period, the College has established the operation idea of internationalization, regional specialty and first-class discipline construction. It is pressing forward to the goal of building a high-level international demonstration college with distinctive characteristics!