In the context of informatization and digitalization, the traditional construction industry is constantly changing and upgrading to industrialization, digitalization and intelligence from planning and design, equipment and construction, disaster prevention, and operation and maintenance, etc. In order to meet the urgent needs of the construction industry for transformation and upgrading, the Department of Intelligent Construction was set up in 2022 based on the former Institute of Civil Engineering Information and Data Science under the guidance and assistance of the college leaders. The Department is responsible for the teaching of all subject area requisites of the undergraduate program in intelligent construction and some general subject foundation requisites.

The Department of Intelligent Construction employs 7 full-time teachers, including 2 with senior titles (Prof. Hu Changbin and Prof. Guan Zhenchang), 4 with vice-senior titles (Assoc. Prof. Fang Xuhua, Assoc. Prof. Fan Qian, Assoc. Prof. Ma Hongyan, and Research Associate Dong Rui) and 1 with intermediate title (Research Assistant Zhang He). 6 teachers have doctoral degrees and overseas study (training) experience.

Every year, the Department of Intelligent Construction enrolls about 30 undergraduates majoring in intelligent construction, who will receive fine teaching and training under a small class system. The Department takes the knowledge (skills) of civil engineering as the foundation, which integrates those of computer, machinery, electricity and other related disciplines, and focuses on cultivating students' lifelong learning ability, interdisciplinary development and innovation ability, so that they can adapt to the development and needs of civil engineering industry towards informatization and intelligence.