The Department of Transportation Engineering is mainly responsible for the training of undergraduates majoring in transportation engineering and traffic and transportation. Student enrollment for the Department of Transportation Engineering began in 2004, and that for the traffic and transportation program began in 2011. Now, a total of about 70 students are enrolled for the two programs every year.

In 2012, the College got approval for our independently-established master's program in traffic safety and disaster prevention engineering and the doctoral program in road and traffic engineering and disaster prevention under the first-level master's and doctoral programs in civil engineering; in 2014, we got approval for a professional master's program in traffic and transportation engineering with a ranking of the first place in Fujian Province.

There are 12 teachers in the Department of Traffic Engineering, including 2 professors, 3 associate professors and 7 lecturers; all the 12 teachers have master's degree or above, including 7 doctoral graduates and 1 doctoral candidate. Among the existing teachers, there are 4 teachers with overseas education and training experience. We also introduced well-known experts in international transportation field, such as Prof. Said Easa, academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Prof. Joseph Hummer, chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering at Wayne State University, USA. This has brought unprecedented favorable opportunities for the development of the traffic and transportation engineering discipline, and we have set up the goal of carrying out a pilot project for discipline internationalization and realizing the leap-forward development of the discipline. Prof. Fang Jie serves as the dean of the Department, and Assoc. Prof. Lai Yuanwen as the assistant to the dean of the Department.

In the past three years, the Department of Traffic Engineering has undertaken nearly 20 scientific research projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels, with scientific research funds reaching more than CNY 4 million; and over 30 academic papers have been published. Undertaking these scientific research projects have not only trained and strengthened young teachers' scientific research ability, academic ability and practical experience, but also enriched classroom teaching by making the teaching content more vivid and dynamic and combining theory with practice.

The Department of Traffic Engineering has a faculty mainly composed of young teachers. They are united, cooperative, vigorous and striving for progress. Everyone shows a conscientious, meticulous and enterprising working attitude no matter in teaching or scientific research, striving to do their bit to the better and faster development of the Department.