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Monday,January 5, 14:30– 16:00
Design and Construction withUHPFRC: Design Principles, Required Material Properties, Design Examples
Tuesday,January 6, 09:30– 11:00
Improvement of Existing BridgesUsing UHPFRC

Wednesday,January 7, 09:30– 11:00
Fatigue Behaviorof UHPFRC, Shear Strength

Professor Eugen Brühwiler

NO.2 Laboratory,Meeting Room on the Second Floor,College of Civil Engineering
Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, Fujian (PRC)

FuzhouUniversity Lecture0 General EBrühwiler_5Jan15

FuzhouUniversity Lecture1_UHPFRC_Design EBrühwiler_5Jan15.pptx

FuzhouUniversity Lecture2_UHPFRC_Applications EBrühwiler_6Jan15

FuzhouUniversity Lecture3_UHPFRC_Fatigue EBrühwiler_7Jan15

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